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Tax and transparency

BHP has a long-standing commitment to transparency.

Being open about taxes and royalties we pay to governments helps build trust with our shareholders, employees, customers, the communities where we operate and other stakeholders. 

We have disclosed details of our tax and royalty payments for more than 20 years and we have continually updated and expanded our disclosures. 

We recognise taxes are important sources of government revenue and are central to the fiscal policy and macroeconomic stability of countries. Paying the right amount of taxes and royalties enables governments to finance and deliver on national development plans for the benefit of the broader community to promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and reduce poverty and inequality within and among countries. 

In our view transparency allows an informed debate on the integrity of tax regimes and the contribution we do and should make in the countries where we operate. 

Economic Contribution Report 2023

Our 2023 Economic Contribution Report discloses our total economic contribution for FY2023, globally and in the key jurisdictions we operate, and includes additional information:

  • Our payments to governments by country and project
  • Our approach to transparency and contribution to the development of tax policy
  • Our approach tax governance and risk management
  • Our approach to compliance
  • Our approach to stakeholder engagement. 

Our total economic contribution was US$54.2bn

US$22.1bn in payments to suppliers
US$13.8bn in payments to governments
~80,000 number of employees and contractors
US$12.1bn Our payments to governments in Australia
US$1.5bn Our payments to governments in Chile
US$0.2bn Our payments to governments in other countries

2023 total economic contribution (US$M)

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BHP's tax principles and strategy

Our approach to tax is underpinned by Our Charter and Our Code, and is embodied in our Tax Principles.

Learn more about BHP's Tax Principles (PDF 19 KB) and BHP's Tax Strategy (PDF 561 KB).