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BHP FutureFit Academy

BHP Australia's purpose-built learning centre for Apprentice and Trainee Programs
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The FutureFit Academy

Australia Apprentice and Trainee Program

Always dreamed of a career in mining but not sure where to start? Or maybe you fancy a change of scenery with a new skill set but worried about moving careers later in life?

The FutureFit Academy is a purpose-built learning centre with locations in both Perth, WA and Mackay, QLD. The training facility has been designed to set you up for success - supporting your exciting new career, making sure that you have the skills and experience to succeed!

All of our FFA graduates are trained in a safe, immersive learning environment, and once qualified to the required level, start work at one of BHP’s operational sites where they will be provided with the opportunity to further develop their career in a Maintenance or Production role.

Whitney FFA
My working background is in hospitality, so starting a traineeship in maintenance has been incredibly different. What I’ve learnt so far from our supervisors and trainers has been life-changing

Heavy Diesel Fitting Trainee

Gain nationally recognised qualifications!

The BHP FutureFit Academy currently offers a choice of two entry pathways, either maintenance or production and on successful completion you will gain a nationally recognised qualification; 

Maintenance: Our maintenance pathways are designed for those who enjoy working with their hands and figuring out how things work, our maintenance teams are essential in keeping all of our equipment such as our trucks and conveyers working effectively on our sites.

Production: Our Production pathways offer a key entry path to operating the equipment on our sites ensuring that we continue to deliver safe tonnes, and allows you to operate some of the largest mobile equipment in the world.

My highlight so far is carrying out inspections on the conveyor, isolation gate, chutes and sump pump. Hands-on work is proving to be a great learning opportunity and goes perfectly with our training tutorials

Mechanical Maintenance Associate

What’s the difference between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship?


Trade Apprenticeship – Over 24 months earn a full trade qualification and the skills to perform preventative maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. We are offering apprenticeships in Heavy Diesel Fitting, Mechanical Fitting, Fabrication and Conveyor Belt-Splicing (Polymer Fabrication).

Traineeships are offered over 12 months in either:

  • Maintenance Traineeship – You’ll complete specific modules to a Certificate II level to equip you to be trained, competent and authorised to perform a range of preventative maintenance tasks as a Heavy Diesel Maintenance Associate or Mechanical Fitter Maintenance Associate. 
  • Production Traineeship –You’ll complete a RII30120 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations to equip you to be trained, competent and authorised as a Production Operator.

These training programs, which are delivered through the BHP FutureFit Academy, have been developed in conjunction with respected Registered Training Organisations, Central Queensland University (RTO 40939), South Metropolitan TAFE (RTO 52787) and North Metropolitan TAFE (RTO 52786) Perth.*

*Please note this information does not apply to all of BHP’s operations and BHP also offers other traditional apprentice and traineeship pathways across its sites directly, these opportunities will be posted on our careers site and you can be alerted about these by signing up to job alerts in your candidate profile.



If you cannot see the role you would like to apply for via the links above, please be aware that the intake at the BHP FutureFit Academy in Mackay and Perth can vary based on business needs and deployment schedules. Please don't be discouraged if there are no roles available when you search - in the meantime, we encourage you to set-up a job alert so you will be emailed when applications do open. 

Typical Day


You’ll be based in either Perth, WA or Mackay, QLD in order to commute to and from the learning centre daily. As you learn, you’ll receive an attractive annual salary and you are a BHP employee from day one with fully supported education costs and employee benefits. The purpose-built learning centres feature the latest immersive virtual reality technology combined with workshop learning to develop your skills and knowledge. 

Everyone learning at the BHP FutureFit Academy will be commencing on a roster.

After completion of your training, you will transfer to one of our sites as a safety conscious, confident and competent team member, working either a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) roster or living residentially near one of our mine sites. From here - where you go next is entirely up to you, with endless opportunities, once you have successfully completed your training.  

Find out more about BHP's FutureFit Academy here

Futurefit Academy FAQ

  • Operations Services (OS) is a division of BHP that provides Production and Maintenance services. We offer permanent roles within BHP, but with a focus on our people, how we connect and achieve high performance. These permanent BHP roles include flexible working arrangements and full leave entitlements, incorporating:

    • Annual Leave
    • Personal Leave, and
    • Parental Leave.
  • What is the BHP FutureFit Academy?

    The BHP FutureFit Academy is a training facility offering paid training pathways into mining for those without any previous mining experience at any stage of their life.

    From day one at the Academy you are a permanent BHP employee.

  • Operations Services already employs more than 3650 employees on a permanent basis and there are plans for more growth. The skills and experience learned from the BHP FutureFit Academy will allow you to work on BHP sites throughout Australia.
  • What roles are on offer?
    The BHP FutureFit Academy offers two pathways into mining with traineeships being offered in both maintenance and production, and apprenticeships being offered only in maintenance.
  • What is the difference between these two pathways?
    In simple terms our maintenance teams repair and maintain our fixed and mobile equipment and our production teams operate the equipment. To keep our sites operating safely and effectively both roles are essential!
    More info on the types of qualifications offered can be found below:

    • Maintenance Traineeship – Over 12 months you’ll complete specific modules to a Certificate II level to equip you to be trained, competent and authorised to perform a range of preventative maintenance tasks as a Heavy Diesel Maintenance Associate or Mechanical Fitter Maintenance Associate. 
    • Production Traineeship – Over 12 months you’ll complete a Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations to equip you to be trained, competent and authorised as a Production Operator.

    Trade Apprenticeships:


    Earn a full trade qualification and the skills to perform preventative maintenance, diagnostics and repairs.  The apprenticeships take 24 months to complete and are available in: Heavy Diesel Fitting, Mechanical Fitting, Fabrication and Conveyor Belt Splicing (Polymer processing).


    Once trained and qualified, you will go on to a permanent job at one of BHP’s Australian site-based operations. 

  • Do I have the choice between a Maintenance Traineeship or Maintenance Apprenticeship? When do I make that decision?
    The decision and allocation to either a Traineeship or Trade Apprenticeship will be made at the time of offer and where possible consideration will be given to your preference. During the application process you will be asked for your preference on what you would like to learn.
  • What apprenticeships are being offered?
    There are a number openings available throughout various times during the year, and demand can vary. We are currently offering trades in Heavy Diesel Fitting, Mechanical Fitting, Belt Splicing, Boilermaker (Fabrication) and Auto Electrical.
  • Where are these opportunities based?
    The Traineeship and Apprenticeship positions will be based in a training facility located in either Mackay or Perth. You will need to be able to travel to and from the learning centre daily so must live within close proximity.  After successful completion of the program, you will be deployed to one of our Australian operational sites. 
  • All employees who will be commencing as part of the BHP FutureFit Academy will be on a roster broken down into four day shifts (6.00am to 2.30 pm), followed by four afternoon shifts (2:30pm – 11:00pm) and then four days off.

    Once you successfully complete the training program, you will move to one of BHP’s operational sites and be expected to work on a roster that applies to that site.

    The option to live in a residential community near many of BHP’s sites is also available for those that wish to be home each night.  

  • Are the positions permanent?
    Yes. Successful candidates are offered permanent employment from day 1 and will be paid whilst training is undertaken.
  • Is relocation offered as part of the package?
    Unfortunately no. As you will be required to travel to and from training daily, if you are living in a region outside of Mackay or Perth you will need to relocate to one of these locations ready to commence on the notified start date. Transport to the training location daily is not provided.
  • Will BHP cover training costs?
    Yes all training costs required for employees to be site ready will be covered.
  • What is the salary for these positions?

    From day 1, as a Trainee you will receive a competitive annual salary as you learn throughout the first 12 months of study. As an Apprentice you will receive the same competitive salary as a Trainee for the first 12 months of study.

    Apprentices will receive a salary increase in their second year.

    Once you are offered a position onsite, you will also be entitled to earn a Short Term Incentive (STI).

  • Do you offer any other additional features & benefits that aren’t related to cash rewards?

    As a permanent employee with BHP, you are also entitled to a wide range of benefits, such as;

    • Novated lease plans
    • Big Thanks Employee Recognition Program
      Discounted Leisure & Entertainment Memberships
    • Flexible working arrangements / opportunities
    • Career development / training opportunities
    • Community and wellness programs
    • SharePlus Program
  • The salary is not negotiable. There is no salary review whilst you are on the training program but when you complete the training and are deployed to an operational site you will be eligible for an annual salary review.
  • Is accommodation provided?

    Accommodation is not provided whilst you are training in our facilities in Mackay or Perth. Upon successful completion of the program, when you are working on site, camp accommodation will be provided during your swing (for applicable rosters). Fatigue rooms are provided in some cases before and after your swing.

  • Do I need to provide my own equipment?
    Personal Protective Equipment will be provided to students including high viz workwear boots, gloves and safety glasses. All tools required for your work within the learning centre will be provided during your training at the centres.
  • When are the start dates?
    New intakes are scheduled throughout the year, if applications are currently not open you can sign up to job alerts in your candidate profile to ensure that when the next intake opens you are alerted via email.
  • When would I find out if I had been offered a position in a program?
    The waiting period for each applicant will differ depending on preferred program and location, as well as current operational requirements. BHP will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible if you are successful.
  • What are the leave entitlements?

    Students are entitled to 6 weeks annual leave per annum.

    Two blocks of that leave (or 16 shifts) will be allocated the same way other learning institutions have fixed periods of leave. One of those blocks of leave will align with the June/July school holidays, and one block will align to the Christmas/New Year period. 

  • What can I expect from the Academy?
    The Academies are in line with BHP standards, therefore there will be classrooms, active working areas, amenities such as bathrooms, prayer room, parenting room and crib facilities (microwave, fridge and dining tables). The facilities will have car parking and bike storage as well. You will need to make your own way to and from the facility. Please note BHP sites are non-smoking venues.
  • I’ve applied, what can I expect from the application process?

    Below is an insight into selection process:

    1. Applications are reviewed and screened to ensure minimum requirements are met. This includes, but is not limited to: Australian working rights and work history.
    2. Candidates that meet this criteria, are progressed to the next stage of online skills based assessments which should be completed within 5 days.
    3. Following a successful assessment, candidates will be invited to attend a face to face or virtual Engagement Centre where candidates will participate in a group presentation, Q & A session, a group activity and individual behavioural based interviews with a BHP representative.
    4. After an Engagement Centre, candidates may be requested to complete Pre-Employment Checks.

    Candidates that successfully complete the pre-employment checks will then progress to a talent pool and will be considered for upcoming opportunities with the program

  • Any insights on what to expect in the application process and how to prepare?

    1. Check that you have current documentation to show you have Australian working rights ready to go.

    2. If successful in progressing you’ll be required to complete some online assessments:

    • An assessment of inductive reasoning: Inductive tests are designed to assess your ability to identify underlying patterns in information and predict outcomes using that information.
    • An assessment of situational judgement which assesses your ability to make judgements about the appropriate responses to workplace situations. This tool will also provide you with valuable insight into the types of situations you are likely to encounter on the job.
    • An assessment of mechanical comprehension: Mechanical comprehension tests are designed to assess your understanding of using, troubleshooting, and performing maintenance on machinery.

    3. The process will also include behavioural based interviews. It’s suggested you follow the STAR model to provide a structured manner of responding to behavioural –based interview questions by discussing the specific situation, task, action and result of the situation you are describing.

    • Situation or Task – Describe the situation you were in or the task that needed accomplishing
    • Action – Describe the action you took to address the situation
    • Result – Describe the outcome of your actions

    Example question:
    Tell me about a time when you performed well under pressure. What was the situation, what actions did you take and what was the result?


    For more information on our process please look at our overall recruitment FAQ’s (Careers FAQs | BHP) and our recruitment process (Recruitment process | BHP)