Two people, one man and one woman, dressed in hi-vis looking out onto land of red dirt and green vegetation.

Social value

Our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world.

The commodities we produce are essential to everyday life. The benefits they create, and how we do this, underpin our purpose and social value. 

An expanse of red dirt with green vegetation, with a rising sun on the horizon.

Social value in action

Discover how we're listening to and learning from our stakeholders to create mutual benefit for them and BHP

In June 2022, our Chief Legal, Governance and External Affairs Officer, Caroline Cox, provided an update on the role social value plays in creating a competitive advantage for BHP and long-term value for shareholders; how we're incorporating the perspectives of partners and communities; and our progress to further embed social value in our culture, processes and measurement.

Webcast available here

The ground-up ideas helping us grow

At Yandi, our team is changing the way we approach rehabilitation through a hands-on partnership achieving some big things

Our social value priorities

At BHP, we're focused on the areas where we can have the biggest impact