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Operating ethically

Everywhere we operate, we’re committed to working with integrity – doing what is right, and doing what we say we will do. We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves.

Our approach

Operating responsibly and ethically involves bringing Our Charter values to life. We deliver on our commitments to our shareholders, employees and host communities by demonstrating these values through our actions, processes, systems and interactions with all stakeholders. We constantly look to learn and develop, to seek out ways in which we can improve how we do our work. Our approach to ethical conduct and regulatory compliance is no different.

Governance and transparency

We believe good governance and transparency around revenue flows from the extraction of natural resources is an important element in the fight against corruption. BHP has been a supporter of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) since its inception in 2002.

This helps all companies disclose on the same basis and reduce the reporting burden for those operating in multiple jurisdictions. Appropriate national and extra-territorial mandatory corporate reporting should complement EITI and provide a globally consistent regulatory framework for all extractive industry companies.



Governance principles

Sustainable supply chain

The supply chain for our global operations includes skilled labour, miscellaneous services and supply of raw, direct and indirect materials. For all our goods and services, we engage our supply partners through a commercial framework that is aligned with Our Charter values and our ethical practices.

We manage our relationships through relevant contractual arrangements, applicable regulatory frameworks, Our Charter, Our Code of Conduct, and Our Requirements. Our Requirements for Supply provides the framework to them our supply partners comply with our HSEC and business conduct minimum requirements.

We assess supply categories according to commercial dependency and supply partner risk, on a tiered approach. Engagement with each partner is determined by the risk level. If required, we work together to develop a plan to make sure they meet our requirements. We also support partners from host communities to do the same, as well as build their capabilities and generate local employment.

BHP Whistleblower Policy

Legal protections for reporters globally

Our whistleblower policy sets out how disclosures under the Australian Whistleblower Protection Scheme can be made and the protections that are available to eligible reporters globally, including under these Australian laws.