Our presence in Canada includes the Jansen potash project, copper exploration activities, and closed site remediation. We have had a presence in Canada since the late 1990s, with Saskatoon, Saskatchewan now home to our North America headquarters.

Jansen potash project

Our CAD$7.5 billion (US$5.7 billion) investment in Jansen Stage 1 (JS1) will deliver a potash mine in Saskatchewan designed to maximise sustainability. The Jansen site is located approximately 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon.

Jansen production is expected to commence in late 2026, with an initial production capacity of 4.35 million tonnes a year, increasing Canada’s output of this critical mineral by nearly 22 per cent.

For potash, a new commodity for BHP, JS1 is the foundation for potential portfolio growth and key to our long-term ambitions. It will make a significant economic contribution, generating a direct and indirect GDP contribution of approximately CAD$1.8 billion during the construction phase1.

We have proudly had a presence in Saskatchewan for over a decade and hold potash exploration permits across the province covering approximately 9,400 square kilometres.


Metals Exploration

With activities in Arctic Canada, Labrador and British Columbia, our Saskatoon-based team is focussed on the resources the world needs to sustainably develop and decarbonise. In Canada, our portfolio includes shareholdings in copper and nickel exploration projects aligned to BHP’s future facing commodity strategy.

Legacy Assets

Legacy Assets

Located in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, our Legacy Assets portfolio is made up of 13 historic sites that were acquired largely through corporate mergers and acquisitions close to or after their closure. We oversee responsible mine reclamation and closure management.

Jansen careers

Careers in Canada

Visit our careers website to access career opportunities with Potash in Canada.

Visit our project website to access contract opportunities for Jansen Stage 1. 

Based on data provided by BHP and compiled by PwC