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Our Strategy

We will responsibly manage the most resilient long-term portfolio of assets, in highly attractive commodities, and will grow value through being excellent at operations, discovering and developing resources, acquiring the right assets and options, and capital allocation.

Through our differentiated approach to social value, we will be a trusted partner who creates value for all stakeholders.

We aim to do this through:

Exploration and acquisition

We seek to add high-quality Tier 1 copper and nickel interests through our exploration activities and early-stage entry and acquisition options.

South Flank
Development and mining

We strive to achieve the industry’s best performance in safety, operational excellence, project management and allocation of capital.

Bank of America
Process and logistics

We process and refine ore, safely manage waste and efficiently and sustainably transport our products to customers.

Sales, marketing and procurement

We maximise value through our centralised marketing and procurement organisations, commercial expertise, understanding of markets and customer and supplier relationships.

Closure and rehabilitation

We consider closure and rehabilitation throughout the asset life cycle to help minimise our impact and optimise post-closure value for all.


Our strategy maximises value and returns

We produce some of the essential resources needed to support global megatrends, such as decarbonisation, and we strive to produce them sustainably, efficiently and ethically.

We bring together essential resources, a strong balance sheet and a differentiated operating capability underpinned by our technical Centres of Excellence and the BHP Operating System (BOS).

This combination of operational excellence, a strong portfolio of large, long-life, quality assets and focus on social value and sustainability will help us to grow value more consistently for our partners and stakeholders, and underpin continued attractive returns and long-term value for our shareholders.

Future options

Our biggest near-term growth lever is from improving productivity at our existing assets and unlocking more of their untapped potential.

We are moving into potash, which is used in fertilisers to enable more efficient and sustainable farming, which we believe is a potential new growth front for us.

We have development options and exploration licences in many of the world’s premier basins, which could create significant shareholder value over the long term. These options cover a range of risk, return and optionality metrics and are diversified by commodity and geography.