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Onshore petroleum divestment

A message to Royalty Interest Owners, Working Interest Owners, and BHP Owner Relations Stakeholders,

BHP has completed the sale of our shale assets and the subsequent transition of these assets to the acquiring companies. Effective August 1, 2019, all inquiries related to shale should be directed to the contacts/companies noted below. BHP will no longer provide support for inquiries related to shale assets. 

Permian, Eagle Ford and Haynesville Interest Owners,

BP America Production Company (“BPAPC”) has acquired Petrohawk Energy Corporation (“PEC”) and PEC’s subsidiary companies (collectively, the “PEC Entities”) from BHP Billiton Petroleum (North America) Inc. (“BHP”). As a result of this acquisition, BPAPC, through its subsidiary, BPX Energy Inc., now wholly owns the PEC Entities. Beginning August 1, 2019, any questions should be directed to BPX Energy Owner Relations: 

BPX Energy Inc.
Division of Interest
PO Box 696505
San Antonio, TX 78269-6505
Phone: 1-800-732-6626
Fax: 210-870-1008

Fayetteville Interest Owners,

BHP completed the sale of Fayetteville onshore US gas assets to a wholly owned subsidiary of Merit Energy Company. As a result, Merit is now the owner and operator of the Fayetteville previously owned and operated by BHP. Please contact Merit’s Owner Relations department for all Fayetteville inquiries: 
Merit Energy Company
Attn: Royalty Relations
13727 Noel Road, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75240
Phone: 1-972-628-1590