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BHP’s Commercial function maximises commercial and social value while minimising costs across the end-to-end supply chain.

About Commercial

The function is organised around the following core activities in our value chain, supported by credit and market risk management and strategy and planning activities.

Sales and Marketing

Connects BHP’s resources to market through commercial expertise, sales and operations planning, customer insights and proactive risk management. It presents a single face to markets across multiple assets, with a view to realising maximum value for our products and supporting sustainability initiatives in our downstream supply chain.

Maritime and Supply Chain Excellence

Manages BHP’s enterprise-wide maritime transportation strategy and the chartering of ocean freight to meet BHP’s inbound and outbound transportation needs. It focuses on supply chain excellence and sourcing cost-efficient marine freight. It also mitigates supply chain risk by vetting the safety performance of the ships loading BHP cargo.


Purchases the goods and services used by our projects, assets and functions globally. Procurement optimises equipment performance, reduces operating costs, optimises working capital and generates social value. It manages supply chain risk, fosters supplier innovation and develops sustainable relationships with global suppliers and local businesses in the communities where we operate.

Warehousing Inventory and Logistics and Property

Designs and safely operates our inbound supply chain networks for the delivery and warehousing of spare parts, operating supplies and consumables, and designs and operates our office workspaces globally.

Market Analysis and Economics

Develops BHP’s proprietary view on the outlook for commodity demand and prices, as well as our input costs, the world economy, climate change and financial markets. The team works with our Procurement, Maritime, and Sales and Marketing sub-functions to help optimise end-to-end commercial value, and with the Portfolio Strategy and Development and External Affairs functions to identify and respond to long-run strategic changes in our operating environment.


Vandita Pant 

Vandita Pant

Chief Commercial Officer

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