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There are a number of ways to learn about new opportunities to work with BHP either as part of our major capital projects, local buy programs or participating in innovation challenges. These opportunities will be made available on this page as they arise. Please continue to monitor this website for updates.


Major capital project opportunities

An overview of opportunities relating to our major projects and related supplier opportunities per region.

There are no current opportunities available relating to our Major Capital Projects. Should you be a small local or indigenous vendor, please also check out the region specific Local Buying Program (LBP) to understand other opportunities which may apply to you.

BHP Innovation strategy


The Supplier Innovation Program uses an open innovation methodology to help BHP to access technological and entrepreneurial capabilities to solve operational challenges. It does so by identifying and prioritising critical business challenges in the operations, aligned with BHP’s priorities, and launching them to the market; not specifying a product or service, but rather asking for a solution. An on-site pilot is subsequently awarded to prove the solution is viable.

Innovation Challenges


Innovation success story

BMA's Caval Ridge Mine

While the Supplier Innovation Program was launched in June 2020, a number of pilot projects are already underway, including at BMA’s Caval Ridge Mine where the Fixed Plant Maintenance team engaged the program to help solve a key business challenge, by finding a safer way to perform maintenance on the filter presses that remove moisture from coal rejects at the wash plant.


Innovation success stories

Minerals Americas

There is an Open Innovation In Mining Program that aims to contribute to the development of an industry knowledge-intensive goods and services based on the challenges facing in mining industry today. This innovation program links entrepreneurs, research centers, guilds, mining companies and in general, to the industry ecosystem. Read our success stories in below links: