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Forum on corporate responsibility

To help us engage with our stakeholders and ensure we have access to leading specialist expertise, we regularly seek advice from external experts and forums on sustainability issues.

The BHP Forum on Corporate Responsibility (the Forum) is a key part of our stakeholder engagement program. The Forum comprises independent civil society leaders in various fields of sustainability, who make a vitally important contribution to our approach to a range of social and environmental issues and the development of our standards. They provide insight into current and emerging issues, challenge our thinking and allow us to understand and consider the broader impacts of our actions. The Forum members advise our operational management teams as well as BHP’s Sustainability Committee and Board.

The Forum met three times during FY2021 and discussed a range of topics, such as Indigenous cultural heritage in Australia, nature and biodiversity, and social value. COVID-19 and expectations of the role of corporations was also discussed, including BHP’s role in the pandemic response and recovery phase. Members during FY2021 included:

  • Catalina Cock Duque, Executive Director, Fundación Mi Sangre (Colombia)
  • Professor Don Henry, Public Policy Fellow – Environmentalism, University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Tanya Hosch, General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy, Australian Football League (AFL)
  • Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director, The Ethics Centre (Australia)
  • Ray Offenheiser, Director, Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (USA)
  • Phil Vernon, Independent Peacebuilding and International Development Expert (United Kingdom)
  • Changhua Wu, China/Asia Director, Office of Jeremy Rifkin (China)