Notice of 2023 final dividend

Our operations continued to generate strong Underlying ROCE of 28.8%. A final dividend of US$0.80 per share (US$4.1 bn), equivalent to a 59% payout ratio and inclusive of an additional amount of US$0.64 bn above the minimum 50% payout policy, will be paid to shareholders on 28 September 2023.

This brings total cash dividends announced for FY23 to US$1.70 per share, including an additional amount of US$1.9 bn above the minimum payout policy, and making this the third largest full year ordinary dividend declared.

Over the past three years, this amounts to more than US$40 bn cash returned to shareholders.

BHP’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) will operate in respect of the final dividend. Full terms and conditions of the DRP and details about how to participate can be found at:

Events in respect of the final dividend 

Announcement of currency conversion into RAND 29 August 2023
Last day to trade cum dividend on Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) 5 September 2023
Ex-Dividend Date JSE 6 September 2023
Ex-dividend Date Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), London Stock Exchange (LSE) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 7 September 2023
Record Date 8 September 2023
 Announcement of currency conversion into AUD, GBP and NZD 11 September 2023
DRP and Currency Election date  11 September 2023
Payment Date 28 September 2023
DRP Allocation Date  12 October 2023


Shareholders registered on the South African branch register will not be able to dematerialise or rematerialise their shareholdings between the dates of 5 September 2023 and 8 September 2023 (inclusive), and transfers between the Australian register and the South African branch register will not be permitted between the dates of 28 August 2023 and 11 September 2023 (inclusive). American Depositary Shares (ADSs) each represent two fully paid ordinary shares and receive dividends accordingly.

Any eligible shareholder who wishes to participate in the DRP, or to vary a participation election should do so before 11 September 2023, or, in the case of shareholdings on the South African branch register of BHP Group Limited, in accordance with the instructions of your CSDP or broker. The DRP Allocation Price will be calculated in each jurisdiction as an average of the price paid for all shares actually purchased to satisfy DRP elections. The DRP Allocation Price applicable to each exchange will be made available at:

The following table sets out the currency exchange rates applicable for the dividend:


Shareholders on the Australian, UK and South African share registers who are receiving dividends in AUD, GBP and ZAR respectively will have their dividend amounts converted directly from USD at the relevant exchange rate stated above. Shareholders who have elected to receive their dividends in a currency different from that applicable to their share register will have their dividend amounts converted from USD into the currency of their share register first, and then into their elected currency.

For example, a shareholder on the Australian share register who elects to receive their dividend in NZD will first have their dividend amount converted from USD to AUD, and then from AUD to NZD. The NZD/USD exchange rate and NZD equivalent amount per share stated in the table above are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual rate and amount applied.

Shareholders on the South African register will only receive dividends in ZAR.


Summary of dividend reinvestment price
Summary of previous dividends


Dividend Reinvestment Plan

BHP Group Limited established a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (involving on-market purchase) in 2018. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan, shareholders are able to elect to use their cash dividend for the purchase of BHP shares. The Dividend Reinvestment Plan has recently been amended following the unification of BHP's dual listed company structure to provide former BHP Group Plc shareholders with an opportunity to  participate in the BHP Group Limited Plan. Former BHP Group Plc shareholders who wish to participate in the BHP Group Limited Plan should note that they will need to make a new election to participate in the Plan.

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