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Life at BHP

At BHP, we pride ourselves on being more than just a workplace; we are a vibrant and dynamic community of individuals who value work-life balance and celebrate a rich and diverse culture. Why not you?
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A rewarding and fulfilling place to work

Two women wearing BHP orange shirts shown laughing at picnic tables as the sun sets

More than just a workplace

Your experience at BHP goes beyond the daily tasks and responsibilities - it's about the people, the environment, and the opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Explore our team's stories and perspectives in the videos below to discover more about life at BHP.

More insights from our team

Woman in BHP orange shirt and hard hat laughing, shown on work site with equipment in the background

The culture within my team is amazing and I know that they are never going to let me fail. I feel really valued and genuinely enjoy coming to work.

Life at BHP Image
Life at BHP Image
Life at BHP Image
Life at BHP Image
Life at BHP Image

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