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Why our work matters

We supply resources essential for everyday life and economic development, and many are key to a lower carbon world. We’re committed to growing value for everyone who depend on and support us.
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Our essential resources

Copper, iron ore, nickel, potash, met coal and more. We have a resources mix for now and the future.

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Our social value contribution

The long-term health of our business is dependent on the long-term health of our society and a sustainable natural environment. 

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Our economic contribution

In FY2023, our tax, royalty and other payments to governments totalled US$13.8 billion.

Demonstrating leadership in health, safety and environmental sustainability

The commodities we produce are the building blocks of the modern world

From the iron ore and metallurgical coal that create steel for construction, the nickel powering the electric transport revolution, to the copper required for renewable infrastructure.

In doing so, we can also make a significant contribution to the societies we operate in – through the jobs we create, the communities we support, the taxes we pay – and be well-positioned to deliver long-term value to all of our stakeholders.

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The future of BHP