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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability

We are a business committed to regularly engaging with our shareholders. We strongly believe their views make us a better business and we welcome their feedback.

We regularly meet with investors and investor representative organisations across the world to discuss a range of strategy and governance topics including our approach to environment, social and governance matters. Some of the topics we’ve covered with investors in the past include Samarco, human rights, portfolio, long-term value creation, culture, diversity, purpose and executive remuneration.

To better understand how we strive to understand shareholder views, see the chart at the bottom of this page.




We are committed to contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate

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Our people

To achieve success in a business diversified by commodity, geography and market, we require talented, diverse and inclusive teams that reflect our local communities.


Shareholder communications


To discuss ESG related matters, Shareholders can contact us at any time through our ESG team. Shareholder and analyst feedback is shared with the Board through the Chairman, the Senior Independent Director, The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, other Directors, the CEO, the CFO and the Group Company Secretary. In addition, Investor Relations and Group Governance provide regular reports to the Board on shareholder and governance manager feedback and analysis. This approach provides a robust mechanism to ensure Directors are aware of issues raised and have a good understanding of current shareholder views.


Understanding our shareholder views