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Why work with us

At BHP, we believe success comes from partnering with our suppliers to innovate, collaborate and lift our shared business value. In doing so, we're working together to tackle important issues like social value, climate change as well as inclusion and diversity.

Our supplier partnerships are fundamental to our success

BHP spends more than $15.5 billion with over 10,000 diverse suppliers from across 60 countries. We're committed to building our network of local and indigenous suppliers in the communities where we operate.

US$18.8bAnnual spend
8kSuppliers in the regions where we operate
US$2.7bpaid to local suppliers in the communities where we operate.
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Inclusion and diversity

Partnering for change

Our inclusion and diversity commitments have presented not only a huge opportunity for us to improve and challenge ourselves, but also for our suppliers and other partners to influence bigger inclusion and diversity changes at their companies too.

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Collaborating on inclusion and diversity

MentorConnect Programme

BHP and Dell Technologies came together to harness the power of company-to-company relationships in Singapore to inspire and empower women in STEM via a unique cross company mentorship programme focusing on leadership development.

How we support local & Indigenous suppliers

Through BHP’s Local Buying Programs, small local and indigenous businesses are provided with an avenue to partner with BHP to supply goods and services to a range of operations. BHP is reducing payment terms to 7 day for all small, local and Indigenous businesses globally, effective 1 July 2021. The change is expected to benefit approximately 4000 supply partners across 31 countries, including the key operating regions of Australia, Chile, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago.