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Become a supplier

At BHP, we recognise the importance of our suppliers and are committed to providing opportunities to participate in our global supply chain, including opportunities specific to local and Indigenous suppliers. 

There are a number of ways to become a supplier to BHP. This may include receiving an invitation to tender, participating in innovation challenges or, for our local and Indigenous suppliers, by registering with a Local Buying Program.

Before registering your interest to become a supplier, please read the BHP Minimum requirements for suppliers which set minimum health, safety, environment, community and business conduct requirements. Adherence to our Minimum requirements for suppliers is a pre-requisite for doing business with BHP.

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing for BHP requires us to integrate sustainability and human rights considerations into procurement and logistics in our inbound and outbound supply chains, including shipping.
  • Our Approach

    BHP’s Ethical Supply Chain processes are applicable to all current and new suppliers of goods and services, without exception. We take this responsibility very seriously and see it as not only critical to the sustainable operation of our business but as the right thing to do.


    Click here to understand more about BHP's approach to operating ethically across activities.

  • BHP Minimum requirements for suppliers

    BHP Minimum Requirements for Suppliers sets the minimum health, safety, environment, community and business conduct requirement for all suppliers to BHP. Adherence to our Minimum Requirements for Suppliers is a pre-requisite to doing business with BHP. 

    To align with BHP’s stance on zero tolerance on sexual assault and sexual harassment, the Minimum Requirements for Suppliers has been updated, effective 16th November 2021, to include a set of requirements relating to sexual harassment applicable to all suppliers, new and existing, wanting to work with BHP.

  • Ethical Supply Chain and Transparency Guide
    BHP’s Ethical Supply Chain and Transparency Guide (English/Spanish) aims to enhance the capability of our suppliers to manage human rights risks in their supply chains, and in doing this we pursue our purpose of bring people and resources together to build a better world.
  • Operating protocols

    Please click the links below for further information on BHP, its operations, protocols and its commitments to human rights and modern slavery risk mitigation.


    BHP’s Charter Values

    BHP’s Code of Conduct

    BHP's Human Rights Page

    BHP’s Human Rights Policy Statement

    BHP’s Modern Slavery Act Statement

Apply to be part of our Local Buying Program

BHP has established Local Buying Programs across Minerals Australia and Minerals Americas to support small local businesses and provide opportunities to supply goods and services to our operations.

  • Minerals Australia
    BHP’s Local Buying Program was established in 2012 to support small businesses in engaging with BHP, BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC).  It has since expanded into other areas across Australia where BHP operates including New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. 

    The Program is delivered in partnership with C-Res in Australia – a cost neutral organization. The aim of the program is to make it easier for business owners to work with us through a streamlined on-boarding, procurement and payment process, which includes 7-day payment terms from receipt of invoice.

    The Program enables small local businesses to supply goods and services to BHP via a competitive tender process, with direct support provided by C-Res to assist as needed.

    Businesses with an annual turnover of less than AUD$10M and a significant presence near one of BHP’s Minerals Australia core assets are encouraged to register for the program (exemptions exist for Traditional Owner and Indigenous businesses).

    Since its launch in 2012, more than 1,400 local suppliers have registered with the Program, allowing over A$800 million in opportunities for local businesses.

    For more information on eligibility, please refer to www.localbuying.com.au  
  • Minerals Americas 
    The Local Buying Program is an initiative developed to support the local SME´s to engage in businesses with BHP. Its goal is to provide access for supplying goods and services to BHP operations in Chile, in a simpler way, through competitive tenders and with reduced payment terms.

    The program is open to vendors classified as SMEs headquartered in Antofagasta and Tarapacá Regions. The Local Buying Program is running through a partnership between BHP and SAWU, a subsidiary of Fundacion Mi Norte, local NFP that support small entrepreneurs in Antofagasta.

    Watch this video for more information on the program. For more information on eligibility, please refer to www.sawu.cl.
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Register as an interested supplier

Register your interest in becoming a Supplier to BHP for supply of goods and/or services across our many operations.
  • Minerals Australia
    For Minerals Australia, small local businesses who have less than 20 full time equivalent employees and a significant physical presence in the state’s eligible regions can register to participate in the Local Buying Program in that state. 

    To start the registration process, click on the link and select the state, which you wish to register in https://app.c-res.com.au/register/supplier/2 

    For all other suppliers interested in supplying goods and services to one or any of the following Assets:
    • New South Wales Energy Coal (NSWEC)
    • Olympic Dam
    • Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO)
    • BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC)
    • BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

    Click here to register as an interested supplier.


    Registration does not guarantee business with BHP but is an indication of interest and a registration of your organisation's capability and capacity.

  • Minerals Americas

    BHP established SAWU, a local buy program designed to assist and develop our local and indigenous vendors work with BHP and we encourage local and indigenous vendors to register with the program. If you are not eligible for the local buy program but are interested in supplying goods and/or services to our Minerals Americas operations.

    Please register your interest through the local portal using the link below:

    Programa de compra local | Construyendo nuestro futuro juntos (sawu.cl)

    For all other suppliers interested in supplying to BHP, register here:

    BHP | Portal Informativo Proveedores (unilinkcorp.com)


    Registration does not guarantee business with BHP but is an indication of interest and a registration of your organisation's capability and capacity.

  • Jansen Potash project

    BHP operates and manages facilities for the Jansen Potash Project site and is preparing to build the Jansen Stage 1 Project, which consists of the greenfield development of all operation facilities and associated buildings and structures for the mining and operation of the Jansen underground potash mine. 

    New suppliers 

    BHP and HBJV (Hatch Bantrel Joint Venture) our EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) partner, use a suite of databases to collect information from suppliers and contractors who are interested in exploring opportunities at Jansen Potash Project. Please register with the database below, which directly applies to the nature of your company.

    • If you represent a Saskatchewan based company, please register at SIMSA (BHP has partnered with SIMSA, the Saskatchewan Industrial & Mining Suppliers Association), click here
    • If you represent a First Nations or Metis business, please register at Export (BHP has partnered with the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence), click here.
    • If you represent any company in Mid-Saskatchewan, please register at MSMA (BHP has partnered with MSMA, the Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance), click here.
    • If you represent any company outside the Province or outside Canada, please register at the HBJV suppliers page, click here.

    Current providers at the Jansen site 

    If you are interested in contract and procurement opportunities with providers currently onsite, please use the contacts provided below. 

    KDM Constructors - partnership between Kawacatoose First Nation, Day Star First Nation, Muskowekwan First Nation, and SECON Group 
    Scope: Site Services 
    Click here to contact KDM Constructors

    Scope: Installation of the shaft final liners
    Click here to contact TRL

    Scope: Electrical Maintenance 
    Click here to contact Shermco
    LADAA – Lanigan & District Ambulance Association 
    Scope: Health Care Support Services 
    Click here or here to contact LADAA
    Two Lakes Horizon North - partnership with Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation, Fishing Lake First Nation with Horizon North Logistics 
    Scope: Camp Operations 
    Click here to contact Two Lakes Horizon North
    Scope: Freeze Plant Operating and Maintenance 
    Click here to contact CIMCO


    Cementation Canada Inc.

    Scope: Cementation

    Click here to contact Cementation Canada Inc.


    Graham Industrial Services LP

    Scope: Construction of Vent Plenums and Foundations

    Click here or here to contact Graham Industrial Services LP