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In Chile, we produce high-quality copper for use in renewable energy infrastructure such as wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles, which supports the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the modern world. The world relies on the resources we produce - and we rely on people like you to help make it possible.
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Career pathways

If you’re looking to build a secure and rewarding career in a global organisation with a rich history, BHP may be the place for you. Whether you’re working in our thriving regional copper operations in Escondida or Pampa Norte or based at our national office in Santiago, the opportunities to build a better life are endless. No matter your level of experience or career journey to date, BHP can connect you with a world of opportunities.



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A career at Escondida

Why not you?

Our people are proud to work for their families and their future at the world's largest copper producer, Escondida BHP. At Escondida, you'll join a team of 3,500 employees committed to responsibly producing over a million tonnes of copper per year using 100% desalinated water to reduce reliance on freshwater resources.

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A career at Spence

Why not you?

Building a better future is a responsibility we all share. At Spence, we produce the copper essential to the manufacture of wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles. We're committed to recruiting locally in Chile, ensuring our workforce is more diverse, inclusive, and reflects the communities we are part of. So, join our expanding team and be part of the change. 

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A career at Cerro Colorado

Why not you?

If you're interested in a mining career, why not consider a role at Cerro Colorado, located 120 kilometres east of Iquique? At Cerro Colorado, you'll join a strong and capable team responsible for mining high-quality copper essential to infrastructure and products needed for the energy transition, such as wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles. We're focused on building a better world for today and tomorrow.

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A career at Santiago

Head office

Our corporate and marketing offices around the world provide the vital link between our operations and our global customers. If you're interested in a role that helps shape the future of the business every day, then a career at our national office in Santiago might be just what you're looking for. 

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Everyone has a place here

If you’re looking for a work culture that respects you as an individual, BHP is the place for you. We're focused on the inclusion of women in the mining industry, with women already representing over 30% of our workforce; almost triple the industry average in Chile. So why not be part of a unique and diverse team working together to build a better world?

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Support for our communities

The BHP Foundation Chile Program

Discover how the BHP Foundation in Chile is working to support the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in education, enhance the resilience of communities to respond to rapid environmental change, and strengthen the capability of organisations and groups in decision-making.

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If you’re thinking about your next career move, there are opportunities across Chile at all experience levels. 

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