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The BHP Foundation works to address some of the world’s most critical sustainable development challenges. We are a charitable foundation funded by BHP and through our programs we address challenges that are directly relevant to the resources sector.

To contribute to the scale of change required to make a systemic difference to the challenges the world is facing, innovation and collaboration sit at the heart of our model.

We invest in potential game-changing projects, which if successful, can drive transformational change and we collaborate by building cross-sector partnerships, bringing together the combined expertise of industry, civil society, governments and international institutions.  We do this because we recognise no one sector or organisation can achieve the scale of change required.

Across our portfolio we focus on three global issues where we believe we can have the greatest impact – the governance of natural resources, environmental resilience and equity in education. We complement these with country programs in Australia, Canada, Chile and the United States where we aim to improve long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability at a national level.

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Innovation driven by evidence is key to our approach.

To contribute to a growing evidence base of what works, we share the results of our work to allow others to learn from our experiences.

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