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Indigenous Peoples

Our approach

BHP’s ambition is to create long-term relationships with Indigenous Peoples, based on trust and mutual benefit. Respecting and partnering with Indigenous Peoples aligns with our Company Purpose of bringing people and resources together to build a better world, our focus on delivering long-term social value and our commitment to working with integrity..

We respect the views and concerns of people within the communities and on whose land  we operate.  We incorporate these into our decision-making, with a view to achieving  mutually beneficial outcomes. All of our operations are required to establish culturally appropriate platforms for meaningful dialogue that enable us to work with our partners and stakeholders to develop strategies that consider their concerns and aspirations.

Our approach to engaging and supporting Indigenous Peoples is articulated in the BHP Indigenous Peoples Policy Statement.

Our Requirements  guides implementation of our Policy Statement across our business. Through successful implementation of our Policy Statement we aim to support reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and contribute to improved social, economic and environmental outcomes..

Promoting respect when working with Indigenous communities

BHP is committed to operating in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Principles 1 and 2 of the UN Global Compact.

In Australia, our Reconciliation Action Plan 2017 - 2021 (PDF 7MB) will undertake to build relationships and promote opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and encourage cultural awareness and respect amongst our employees.

Cultural awareness training for our employees and contractors is implemented at all other BHP sites that operate on or near Indigenous lands. Through cultural awareness workshops and induction programs we aim to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of traditional rights and of management and protection of Indigenous cultural heritage.