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We recognise our relationships with others are essential to our success.

Every day we interact with suppliers (including vendors, contractors and consultants), customers, community partners, and governments. Our Code helps us build respectful relationships with our external partners and stakeholders.

Building respectful relationships

Our Code strengthens our relationships, builds trust in the communities where we work and protects our company.

Working with governments

Our ability to conduct business is directly affected by government decision making, so it’s important we have open and constructive relationships.

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Our commitment to operating with integrity is part of who we are and what we do every day. We prohibit bribery and corruption in all our business.

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Supplier relationships

Relationships with suppliers (including vendors, contractors and consultants) make a significant contribution to the success of our Company, and we want to make sure our suppliers have strong values and standards of behaviour.

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Conflicts of interest

In line with our commitment to integrity, we must always be able to demonstrate that all decisions have been made in the best interests of BHP and free from personal bias. This means that we need to manage any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest.

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We support competition and do not engage in anti-competitive behaviour. We are committed to full compliance with competition laws; active engagement and cooperation with competition authorities; and the enforcement of competition laws against third parties who act in an anti-competitive manner towards BHP.

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Trade controls

Our business involves international trade. We respect the international trade laws that govern these transactions and comply with all applicable export controls and sanctions.

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Version 2.1, last updated 16 August 2018

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