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When you work at BHP you will have access to sensitive information. This includes production information, business opportunities and financial results.

As a publicly listed company we need to comply with regulations about sharing information. We all need to make sure that we protect and respect Company and personal information and the privacy of others in accordance with Our Code.


Protecting and respecting information

It's important to understand when we can share information, and what types of information are sensitive.

Communicating externally

It’s important you feel empowered to speak positively about BHP and understand how to apply Our Code to informal interactions. Our Code also guides us with formal interactions to ensure we disclose information in a timely, consistent, complete and fair manner.

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Personal information and privacy

We respect your personal information and privacy, and expect you to respect the personal information and privacy of others.

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Insider trading

We must never jeopardise the trust of communities, customers, suppliers or coworkers by using confidential information for financial or personal benefit.

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Version 2.1, last updated 16 August 2018

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