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We all have an obligation to protect the Company’s assets and use them for their intended purpose.

In this section we'll cover:

Assets include physical and non-physical property, such as equipment, inventory, technology, money, intellectual property (IP) and Company information and data. Competitively sensitive and proprietary information are also considered assets and include:

  • operational data, such as production and maintenance data, master data and data related to our equipment, sensors and process control systems;
  • strategic and marketing plans;
  • information used in trading activities;
  • research and other technical data.

Our expectations of you

You are responsible for appropriately using and safeguarding BHP’s assets. You are also expected to respect both the physical and non-physical assets of others, and never knowingly damage or misappropriate those assets.

You should never share sensitive Company information without authorisation from your line leader. If you’re not sure what you can share, ask Ethics and Compliance or Legal.

You should do what you can to prevent theft, misappropriation, damage or misuse of any of our assets. This includes not allowing physical assets to be destroyed, disposed of, sold, loaned or donated without appropriate approvals.

We are all responsible for protecting BHP’s assets and this includes preventing and detecting fraud. Fraud is any intentional act of deception which is undertaken for personal or third party gain and which may result in loss to BHP or another party. Examples include false statements, obtaining a personal commission for awarding work, falsification of expense claims, misuse of BHP information or theft.

Our expectations of others who work with us

We expect those who work with us to protect and not misuse our assets. If there is any uncertainty about the use of a BHP asset, please ask your primary contact.

Where to go for help
  • Your line leader or 2Up leader
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • EthicsPoint


  • Use our assets for their intended purpose.
  • Protect our assets from waste, damage, misuse, loss, fraud and theft.
  • Report any potential waste, damage, misuse, loss, fraud or theft of our assets.
  • Prevent non-authorised personnel from accessing our facilities, information, data or other assets, where possible and safe to do so.


  • Use BHP’s assets for personal gain.
  • Take physical property or information assets belonging to BHP for personal use.
  • Enter into any fraudulent or illegal transactions or fail to report any fraud you are aware of.
  • Take any action that undermines the integrity of vendor or customer data in our systems.
  • Permit unauthorised entry to a BHP site or office or access to our information technology.
  • Ignore security complaints or an inadequate security procedure that may present threats to either BHP employees or assets.

Version 2.1, last updated 16 August 2018

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