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We all need to demonstrate our environmental responsibility by understanding and minimising impacts and contributing to lasting environmental benefits at every stage of our operations.

In this section we'll cover:

Our approach to environmental management is based on the identification, assessment and control of risks across all phases from exploration to development, operation and closure.

Our expectations of you

You must understand the potential environmental impacts of the tasks you perform and look at ways you can avoid, minimise and rehabilitate impacts to air, water, land and biodiversity, including greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with Our Requirements for Environment and Climate Change. Where actual or potential environmental incidents or spills occur you must report these, regardless of severity. If residual environmental impacts remain to important biodiversity and ecosystems, you must implement compensatory actions.

If you have a suggestion as to how we can improve environmental stewardship and contribute to lasting environmental benefits discuss them with your line leader or 2Up leader.

Our expectations of others who work with us

Those who work with us must comply with our environmental requirements. Refer to Our Requirements for Environment and Climate Change (external version) or speak to your primary contact for more information about our environmental requirements.

Where to go for help
  • Your line leader or 2Up leader
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • EthicsPoint


  • Identify, assess and take steps to avoid and minimise environmental impacts associated with your work.
  • Identify and report opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including improving energy efficiency.
  • Identify and report opportunities to improve water management, including water efficiency and minimising pollution.
  • Immediately stop any work that may contribute to a significant environmental or community incident.
  • Report to your line leader or 2Up leader any actual or potential impact to the environment or communities from an accident, incident, spill or release of material.
  • Encourage our suppliers, joint venture partners, customers and other third parties to minimise their environmental impacts.


  • Ignore a potential or actual environmental incident, or assume that someone else will report it.
  • Undertake work that has the potential to impact on the environment unless you are trained and competent to do so and controls are in place to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Engage contractors, suppliers, customers or joint venture partners without an assessment that takes into account their environment and community impacts, risks, controls and performance.

Version 2.1, last updated 16 August 2018

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