If you think a decision or action does not reflect Our Charter values or is not in line with Our Code, you have a responsibility to speak up. You don’t need to be directly affected by an issue to raise it.


Speaking up protects everyone


When concerns are raised it helps us identify and address the matter and improve how we work.

We know that speaking up takes both courage and integrity, and we respect this by treating your concern sensitively and committing to investigate where appropriate.

Our people are our most important asset, and we want you to feel supported in speaking up; there are several ways you can do this.

If a person outside the Company speaks up we are committed to treating that concern respectfully. By speaking up, they are helping improve our Company and build a relationship of trust with the communities in which we operate.


What happens when you speak up?

All concerns will be treated seriously and respectfully, and we aim to respond to these in a timely manner.



Nothing in Our Code, Our Requirements, or any other document or procedure at BHP prevents you from, or requires approval for, reporting what you reasonably believe is a breach of the law to an appropriate government authority or from seeking legal advice in relation to your rights about disclosing information.


Confidentiality and anonymity

When you speak up, the information you provide will be dealt with confidentially. If you wish to remain anonymous, all reasonable steps will be taken to reduce the risk that you will be identified as a result of responding to your concern. This means the information you provide will only be shared where this is necessary for the purposes of the investigation and measures to protect your identity will be put in place as far as possible. You can speak up anonymously by accessing EthicsPoint online or over the phone.


Zero tolerance for retaliation

It is important to us that you feel empowered and protected to seek assistance or speak up.

We don’t allow any form of punishment, discipline or retaliatory action to be taken against anyone for speaking up, or cooperating with an investigation.

Retaliation can take many different forms, including threats, intimidation, harassment, exclusion or humiliation. It can also include subtle behaviours, such as withholding information or not providing meaningful work. We consider all forms of retaliation to be a breach of Our Code.

If you feel that you have been retaliated against for speaking up you should report it immediately to your line leader, 2Up leader, Human Resources, Ethics and Compliance, Legal or EthicsPoint.


Investigation outcomes

Breaches of Our Code compromise Our Charter values and our culture of care and trust. If you breach the standards described in Our Code you could face disciplinary action including:

  • verbal counselling with your line leader or 2Up leader;
  • verbal warnings;
  • written warnings or final written warnings; and
  • termination of employment.

In some cases, conduct that breaches of Our Code may also constitute a breach of law and carry civil penalties or criminal charges for you and the Company.

 Report a concern


In person: Speak to your line leader, 2Up leaders or Human Resources representative

Email: Ethics.Team@bhp.com

Online: EthicsPoint Online

Phone: EthicsPoint Telephone


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GPO Box 86,
Victoria 3001, Australia