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Behaviour that consistently demonstrates Our Charter values cultivates loyalty and trust with each other and our stakeholders.

That’s why we have Our Code. It guides our daily work and helps us think about not just what we do but how we do it. It demonstrates how to practically apply Our Charter values and reflects many of Our Requirements, as well as local standards and procedures.

As a global Company, we comply with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We uphold international standards and guidelines, including our commitment to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Where differences exist between Our Code and local customs, norms, rules or regulations, we apply the higher standard.

Operating with integrity is everyone’s responsibility. Each section of Our Code explains our principles, our expectations of our workforce and others who work with us.

Our Code can’t describe or anticipate every situation, so it shows us where we can get more support and provides examples and resources to guide our good judgement.


Speaking up

If you think a decision or action does not reflect Our Charter values or is not in line with Our Code, you have a responsibility to speak up. You don’t need to be directly affected by an issue to raise it.

Our Expectations

We all have a responsibility to work in accordance with Our Charter values. Here we talk about our expectations, of you as an employee, of our leaders, and of others who work for us.

  • Our expectations of you

    We all have a responsibility to work in accordance with Our Charter values, as well as within the law. It is critical you understand Our Code and how it applies to you.

    When we refer to ‘you’ this includes employees, directors and Board members. We also expect contractors, consultants and others who may be assigned to perform work or services for our Company to follow Our Code in connection with their work for us.
    The Company expects that you:

    • will act according to Our Code at all times;
    • understand Our Requirements and local standards and procedures that apply to how we work;
    • know how, and when, to speak up; and
    • know we do not tolerate retaliation against anyone for having the courage to speak up.
    We all have a shared responsibility to make our Company a great place to work and create a culture of trust and care for one another.


  • Our expectations of leaders

    We know the standard we walk by is the standard we accept. That’s why if you are responsible for leading people at BHP, it’s important you role model Our Charter values by:

    • demonstrating behaviours described in Our Code;
    • rewarding employees for demonstrating Our Charter values;
    • holding everyone to account for breaching Our Code;
    • helping all members of the team understand the expectations and practical application of Our Code, Our Requirements and local standards and procedures;
    • informing new team members of the expectations in Our Code;
    • embedding Our Code into day-to-day activities and existing processes;
    • making decisions that are in the best interests of BHP;
    • fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels comfortable to speak up or ask questions without fear of retaliation;
    • knowing how to appropriately respond to concerns; and
    • having zero tolerance for any form of retaliation.
  • Our expectations of others who work with us

    We want all third parties we deal with, including our suppliers, contractors, customers, community partners and governments, to understand our expectations. Relevant sections of Our Code include a section tailored to our expectations of others who work with us.

    We encourage our non-operated joint ventures, minority interests and industry associations to maintain similar standards of conduct. We expect our employees working with our third parties to hold them accountable.

 Report a concern


In person: Speak to your line leader, 2Up leaders or Human Resources representative

Email: Ethics.Team@bhp.com

Online: EthicsPoint Online

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