We respect your personal information and privacy, and expect you to respect the personal information and privacy of others.

Personal information is any information which could identify an individual, either from that information alone or in combination with other information which is reasonably likely to come into the possession of BHP.

To the extent permitted by law, we reserve the right to monitor or audit employee use of BHP information systems, and access electronic communications or information stored on systems, devices or equipment for maintenance, business needs or to meet a legal or policy requirement.

Expectations and resources

  • Our expectations of others who work with us
    If you work with us, you must uphold our standards and respect the personal information and privacy of our employees while you are working with us.
  • Our expectations of you
    It’s important you follow our standards and procedures on personal information and privacy.

    You should only collect, use, disclose, retain or process personal information that is necessary to meet business requirements, as permitted by law in places where we operate.

    If you do not want others to read an email, you should reconsider sending it. If an email relates to a personal matter you should use a personal account.

    Always treat the personal information and privacy of others with respect.
  • Tools and Resources
  • Where to go for help
    • Your line leader or 2Up leader
    • Legal
    • Human Resources
    • EthicsPoint



  • Collect personal information directly from the individual where reasonable and practical.
  • Comply with legal requirements that apply to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and processing of personal information.
  • Only collect, use, disclose, retain and process personal information that is necessary for legitimate business activities and functions.
  • Use personal information in a way that is consistent and compatible with the purpose for which it was collected, unless otherwise approved by the relevant individual.
  • Use safeguards to help protect personal information against loss, destruction, unauthorised access, or the use, modification or disclosure of personal information.
  • Maintain the accuracy of your personal information.
  • Check the legal requirements about personal information applicable to your region.


  • Access personal information unless you have appropriate authorisation and a clear business need.
  • Provide personal employee information to anyone inside or outside of BHP without proper authorisation.
  • Conduct reference or security checks without proper authorisation or the consent of the individual.
  • Retain personal information for longer than legally required or necessary to meet the business reason for which it was collected.
  • Move personal information between various BHP legal entities or outside the country of origin without checking on the correct process. Speak to Legal if you are unsure.

Example questions and answers


Contact information

Question: I received a phone call from someone I didn’t know. They said they had a meeting with an employee, but they were running late and wanted me to pass on the employee’s contact details.
What should I do?
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    Employee contact information is confidential and should not be provided to an external party. Providing this information could be a breach of privacy laws. You should ask the caller if you could pass on a message to the employee yourself.

Personal information

Question: I’ve recently changed my address and phone number, but haven’t informed anyone at BHP.
Is this a problem?
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    BHP is required by law to keep your personal information accurate and up to date to ensure that you or your next of kin can be contacted in an emergency. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal information as soon as possible. You can do this through the Digital Workspace or by providing the information to your line leader or 2Up leader.

 Report a concern


In person: Speak to your line leader, 2Up leaders or Human Resources representative


Online: EthicsPoint Online

Phone: EthicsPoint Telephone


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