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Poitrel's Jayson Smeeton, Production Manager, is extremely proud of the New to Industry (NTI) program that's been running on site for the past two years. 

The program started as a way to engage indigenous trainees, and has been so successful that it has expanded to include local trainees from the communities surrounding Poitrel. 

"It's the right thing to do for the communities that support us" said Jayson. 

80 trainees have been through the program, with 75% being female.

Sonia Winter, General Manager Poitrel, believes the NTI trainees are some of the most engaged people on site and enjoys their energy and enthusiasm. It is a key part of Poitrel's strategy to support gender diversity and indigenous inclusion. 

"The program demonstrates the value that fresh eyes and fresh ideas bring to the mining industry." 

The program is supported by local provider, Mickala Mining, who not only source candidates but provide pastoral care to the trainees as well. 

The Poitrel leadership team are committed to the success of the NTI program and want to see it continue in the future. 

Trainees spend their first day on site experiencing "a day in the life" of a miner - which consists of a site tour, eating at the mess and seeing the camp facilities. 

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