Communicate consistently and truthfully

Engaging with our external stakeholders in a consistent way helps build, protect and enhance our reputation and licence to operate, and ensures we meet our regulatory requirements.

All public disclosures are carefully managed and can only be made by authorised spokespeople. Any public communication that can be attributed to BHP, or to one of our employees or contractors, may be seen as a public disclosure. This includes:

  • regulatory filings, such as annual reports, stock exchange releases, briefings on profit and business performance 
  • media releases, interviews, speeches, presentations, articles and reports
  • digital information available on websites, social media and messaging channels.

Communicate consistently and truthfully

  • What this means for you

    Always act in accordance with the Our Requirements for Market Disclosure, Our Requirements for CommunicationsCommunity and External Engagement standards, Our Charter values, Our Code and our Social Media Policy.

    Know and understand the difference between company information that can be shared informally (information that is published and in the public domain) and material information which can only be communicated by authorised BHP spokespeople. If you think you possess or have released material information that has not been disclosed to the public, report it immediately to Investor Relations, a Disclosure Officer or Group Governance.

    If you are an authorised spokesperson or work in a team responsible for market disclosure, you must immediately release, through the relevant exchanges, any information or major developments which a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the share price or value. This includes information that would, or would be likely to, influence persons who commonly invest in securities in deciding whether to acquire or dispose of securities.

    Ensure all materials developed for external use, including speeches, articles and presentations are approved by Corporate Affairs.

    Know how our Social Media Policy applies to you. Social media activity may feel casual and spontaneous however it is permanently retained, can be traced back to you and linked to BHP. When using social media, messaging or other digital channels, always do so in accordance with Our Charter values and Our Code.

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• Follow the rules relating to who can make public statements on behalf of BHP.

• Obtain all relevant approvals prior to publicly releasing material.

• Report media and investor/analyst inquiries promptly to Corporate Affairs or Investor Relations.

• Comply with the Our Requirements for Communications, Community and External Engagement standard in relation to attendance at external events, presenting speeches and participating in external panel discussions.

• Ensure anything you share on social media channels is publicly available information and aligns with Our Charter values and Our Code.

• Immediately report any information or major developments that could have a material effect on the share price or investment decisions to Investor Relations, a Disclosure Officer or Governance.

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• Disclose information to the public or divulge confidential information unless you are specifically authorised to do so.

• Say anything that may disclose confidential information or cause harm to our reputation.

• Conceal facts or omit information that may be relevant to a disclosure.

• Use BHP trademarks or branding unless you are specifically authorised to do so.

• Post content or comments in private messaging groups or on public social media channels that are obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful to any person, group or entity.

Hypothetical scenarios

  • Q: I saw a comment on Facebook about something taking place at my site that I know is not accurate. Can I correct the statement?
    A: If you choose to contribute to the discussion, you should only mention information that has already been publicly shared. It’s ok to talk about your workplace but take care not to reveal confidential information when you do. If you’re not sure, speak with your line leader first.
  • Q: I took a great photo of my teammates onsite with our open cut mine in the background. They are in full PPE. Can I put this on Facebook?
    A: Each site has its own rules around photography so check with your line leader on your site rules before taking any photos. You should also confirm with your team-mates whether they are ok for their photo to be taken, and for it to be posted on social media.


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How to speak up

If you have questions about Our Code, speak to your line leader, 2Up leader, Ethics and Investigations, Compliance, Legal, Employee Relations advisor, HR Business Partner or contact EthicsPoint. Anyone who works with us, on our behalf, or is associated with us, can also access EthicsPoint.

Online: EthicsPoint online

Phone: EthicsPoint Telephone