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Our global workforce is the foundation of our business and we believe that supporting the wellbeing of our people and promoting an inclusive and diverse culture are vital for maintaining a competitive advantage.

We engage more than 80,000 employees and contractors globally and empower them to work in safer, more creative and rewarding ways. We trust and collaborate to drive performance and give our people more say, new capabilities and tools, and new avenues for technology and innovation.

We provide competitive remuneration to reward employees for their expertise and commitment to our business strategy and long-term success. Our remuneration approach is designed to inspire our employees to embrace BHP’s core objectives and values. 

Developing our capabilities and an enabled culture

The delivery of our strategy is predicated on culture and capability.

We apply the BHP Operating System (BOS) practices to build leader capability. We invest in people and capability to deliver high performance and our aspiration for a gender-balanced workforce. We drive continuous improvement through respect for people’s differences, self-accountability, a hunger to learn and a commercial mindset.

The BOS sets the foundation for long-term and in-depth learning and development, by developing practices and capabilities that empower our people to pursue operating excellence. In FY2020, the focus of our capability building work was on teaching and embedding the BOS practices across our operated assets, from general managers to frontline employees and contractors. The BOS senior leader development sessions equipped senior leaders to lead and role model the BOS’s principles and practices. We will further develop leadership capability in FY2021 through the BOS learning and development programs for coaches and work with our leaders to support the effective embedment of the BOS to improve operational capability and cultural outcomes.

To continue to grow value we must ensure our operations perform well and that means safely, productively, cost-effectively and reliably. We invest in our people to drive this performance.

In FY2020, we invested in a new workforce surveying and analytics platform that provides our leaders with deeper and more frequent insights into our culture and our people’s safety, engagement and enablement. We first deployed this technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to closely manage wellbeing and monitor the effectiveness of communication. With more than 55,000 responses over a three-month period from employees and contractors to a weekly pulse survey, we could respond to the needs of our workforce by deploying targeted support initiatives, such as leader guides, training packages, coaching and access to mental health services.

Our COVID-19 wellbeing survey results identified our leaders as strong communicators and leaders of their teams through significant change. Eighty-nine per cent of respondents indicated they received support from their leader when they needed it and 92 per cent were clear about what they should be working on.

With a focus on developing capability in core leadership routines, 2,602 leaders have participated in the Step Up to Leadership training since FY2015, which has been pivotal in the development of BHP’s culture over the past five years. These programs will be updated in FY2021 to further support our people and the development of our culture.

We also focused on developing the leadership skills of our Indigenous employees in FY2020, through our Indigenous development program, which identifies Indigenous employees with leadership potential and addresses barriers to career progression. For more information, refer to the Indigenous employment section.

Operations Services was created by BHP to provide permanent employment within BHP for roles undertaking maintenance and production execution services across Minerals Australia assets. Operations Services supports people to build their skills through a structured coaching and in-field verification process, designed to enable operators and maintainers to achieve mastery within their roles. This helps deliver consistent equipment operation and maintenance that balances safety, maximum productivity and equipment reliability.

We recognise government, industry and education stakeholders play important roles in helping us fulfil our skills requirements. The Queensland Future Skills Partnership with TAFE Queensland and Central Queensland University has been established to fast track development of new autonomy skills. Our Minerals Americas team is partnering with the Industrial and Mining Training Centre in Chile, initially established 24 years ago by Escondida, to deliver new technology skills and a pipeline of operators/maintainers who are new to mining, with a focus on increasing female participation in mining. We are working with the Minerals Council of Australia as a key stakeholder through which the Department of Education, Skills and Employment will engage with the mining sector to develop a new skills organisation. Some of our operated assets are also partnering locally with external companies to deliver programs that prepare people who are new to mining with the skills they need to work in the mining industry. 

Employee relations

The four key focus areas for employee relations at BHP has continued to be:

  • ensuring BHP complies with legal obligations and regional labour regulations
  • negotiating, where there are requirements to collectively bargain
  • closing out agreements with our workforce in South America and Australia, with no lost time due to industrial action, to the extent possible
  • endeavouring to create solid relations with our workforce, based on a culture of trust and cooperation

Our people policies

We have a comprehensive set of frameworks that support our culture and drive our focus on safety and productivity.

Our Charter is the foundation of everything we do. It describes our purpose, our values, how we measure our success, who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Our Code of Conduct demonstrates how to practically apply the commitments and values set out in Our Charter and reflects many of the standards and procedures we apply throughout BHP. We have a business conduct advisory service as well as internal dispute and grievance handling processes to report and address any potential breaches of Our Code of Conduct.

Through all of these documents, we make it clear that discrimination on any basis is not acceptable. In instances where employees require support for a disability, we work with them to identify roles that meet their skills, experience and capability, and offer retraining where required.

The Our Requirements standards outline the mandatory minimum standards we expect of those who work for or on behalf of BHP. Some of those standards relate to people activities, such as recruitment and talent retention.

Our all-employee share purchase plan, Shareplus, is available to all permanent full-time and part-time employees and those on fixed-term contracts, except where local regulations limit operation of the scheme. In these instances, alternative arrangements are in place.

The information in this section illustrates how these policies have been implemented and the steps we take to measure their effectiveness.

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity promotes safety, productivity and wellbeing of our workforce and underpins our ability to attract new employees.

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