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At BHP, Our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. We believe we are successful when we work in partnership with communities to achieve long-term social, environmental and economic outcomes. We seek to create and contribute to social value in the communities in which operate through the positive social and economic benefits generated by our core business, our constructive engagement and advocacy on important issues and our contribution as community partners.

We seek meaningful long-term relationships that respect local cultures. Where we can, we employ local people and purchase local goods and services through our supply chains, and we contribute to broader regional and national economies by paying taxes and royalties. We aim to support the development of diversified and resilient local economies, contributing to quality-of-life improvements that continue beyond the life of our operated assets.

Local communities

We endeavour to treat all stakeholders with respect and establish open, honest relationships with them built on trust. This helps us achieve a clear understanding of the context and impacts of our activities and informs how we can make a meaningful contribution to economic and social development.

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Social investment

Social investment is our voluntary contribution towards projects or donations with the primary purpose of contributing to the resilience of the environment and the communities of which we are a part and is aligned with our broader business priorities.

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Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples are critical partners and stakeholders for BHP.

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Human rights

We believe respecting human rights and contributing to the positive realisation of rights is important to the sustainable operation of our business.

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Economic contribution

Learn about our economic contribution.

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BHP Foundation

The BHP Foundation is a charitable organisation funded by BHP, and works with others to address some of the world’s most critical sustainable development challenges.

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Community news

Community is important to us. Explore our latest community news from across our business.

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Community and sustainability reports

​​Read our latest community and sustainability reports.

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BHP Vital Resources Fund

Learn about our vital resources fund.

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Indigenous Partnerships

Read about our Indigenous Partnerships.

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To me that's big

What’s big means different things to different people. To us, it means supporting people and communities all across Australia. From the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, we provide jobs, back businesses and invest in social programs that can make a lasting difference. And at the heart of it all are the true local champions whose dedication and commitment makes it all possible. Here are their stories.

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