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In Chile, BHP is building an Indigenous Peoples Plan (IPP) to increase recognition, trust and long-term relationships with Indigenous peoples.

To enable this to be of value and deliver real benefit to Indigenous peoples, we have created two external advisory groups to help mould and build our plan:   

Indigenous Peoples Plan Consultative Council

The Council was constituted in April 2019 with representatives of Indigenous host communities around the Escondida and Cerro Colorado copper mines in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The Council is independent from BHP. Its purpose is to enable the effective participation of Indigenous communities in the development and implementation of the IPP.

Indigenous Peoples Plan Committee of Experts

This group comprises professionals and specialists in Indigenous issues in relation to human rights, the environment, climate change, territory and heritage. Its purpose is to analyse and evaluate from a national and international perspective the possibilities of establishing governance frameworks and public participation of Indigenous peoples in South America.

Together with BHP, the Indigenous Peoples Plan Consultative Council and the Indigenous Peoples Plan Committee of Experts are working to achieve greater inclusion and opportunities for collaboration within the Chilean Indigenous communities in which we operate.

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