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BHP funded GET Report recognized at Healthy Women Healthy Economies forum

The GET report, developed by ComunidadMujer in Chile with the support of BHP, received the second place for the “Healthy Women, Healthy Economies” Research Prize awarded by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC).

This forum recognized the strength of this research, as well as its contribution to the promotion of gender equality in education and work in Chile.

The initiative received more than 30 applications: the Philippines won first place; Chile, the second one and China, the third. “This recognition is a very important achievement for ComunidadMujer. Our advanced work, with which we have sought to reflect the society in which we live, has been very incident in the design of public policies, but also in the business world, ”said Alejandra Sepúlveda, executive director of ComunidadMujer.

What is the GET Report?

The “2018 GET Report: Gender, Education and Work. Advances, contrasts and challenges of three generations ”focuses on the reality of women and men from three generations in Chile, categorized as“ grandmothers and grandparents ”(born between 1940 and 1944); "Mothers and fathers" (1960-1964); and "granddaughters and grandchildren" (1980-1984). Twenty years separate each generation from the next, which accounts for the social, legal and cultural evolution of gender construction in Chile.

In addition, the study reviews the experience of these three generations in four areas: Education, Inactivity, Labor Participation and Income and Pensions. They identified progress, but also important challenges.

The support given by BHP to this initiative is aligned with its new purpose, "to bring people and resources to build a better world."