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At BHP, it’s our job to supply the resources big thinkers need to make towers rise, bridges stand and planes fly. It’s a job that never ends. So we’re always discovering more sustainable ways to extract our iron ore, copper and coal. And you can’t do that by thinking small.

Copper: conduit to a cleaner world.

Electric cars need four times as much copper as standard cars and at BHP we’re proud to be one of the largest producers of copper in the world.

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Growing the world’s cities from the ground up

BHP's operations provide the iron ore and coal needed to create the steel that goes into buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges and transport for growing cities around the world.

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Shaping the world from the middle of nowhere

Looking at a massive hole in the ground and seeing development, prosperity and global growth requires an appreciation of the bigger picture.

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Introduction and our approach to community

We are committed to contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate.

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Supporting diversity at our operations

The commercial case for improving diversity is compelling. BHP’s most inclusive and gender diverse operations have outperformed our average on a range of measures, including lower injury rates, adherence to work plans and meeting production targets.

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Striking the right balance

In 2016, BHP set a bold aspirational goal to achieve gender balance by 2025. In the two years since we announced this aspirational goal, the action, debate and innovation it originally sparked has intensified across our company and within the industry. These forces are essential to bring about genuine change.

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BHP Foundation

A part of the Company’s voluntary social investment funds the BHP Foundation, a charity which aims to make a distinctive contribution to the unprecedented sustainable development challenges facing our generation.

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We are committed to our community work by contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues, and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where operate.

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Community project map

Explore some of our recent community development projects around the world.

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Investor presentations and briefings

A listing of investor presentations and briefings delivered by senior BHP leaders.

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Investor centre

Our Investor centre houses Exchange releases, reports, presentations, dividend notices, annual report suites, event and meeting details, FAQs, and other shareholder information.

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Addressing greenhouse gas emissions beyond our operations

At BHP, we recognise that climate change is a global challenge – a challenge that requires a collaborative approach from both business and government.

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In line with Our Charter, we demonstrate environmental responsibility by minimising our operations' impact on the environment and contribute to lasting environmental benefits.

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Electric vehicles - why all the noise?

Electric vehicles - why all the noise? What impact will electric vehicles, and the batteries that power them, have on the world's oil-centric status-quo?

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Water Report 2018

Water is vital to the livelihood of communities, the health of the environment and the sustainability of our business.

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Sustainability Report 2018

BHP’s strategy of owning and operating long-life assets means that we need to think and plan in decades.

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Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability

We are a business committed to regularly engaging with our shareholders. We strongly believe their views make us a better business and we welcome their feedback.

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