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Meet BHP Xplor

BHP introduces BHP Xplor, a cohort-based accelerator program to support early-stage mineral exploration start-ups find critical resources, such as copper and nickel, to drive the energy transition.

BHP Xplor merges concepts from both venture-capital and early-stage accelerators, to establish a fit-for-purpose exploration portfolio of innovative early-stage mineral exploration companies and helps drive their exploration campaigns. It will offer candidates in-kind services, mentorship, networking opportunities with industry and investors and connections.

Through this program, we hope to create disruptive results in copper and nickel exploration by identifying new concepts, leveraging new data and testing opportunities at a much faster pace than discoveries to date.

Johan van Jaarsveld, Chief Development Officer, BHP shares, “The demand for future facing commodities, such as copper and nickel, needed to support the global energy transition is forecast to increase in the coming decades –  the launch of BHP Xplor will help us accelerate in finding these critical commodities now and into the future.”

Sonia Scarselli, VP, BHP Xplor adds, “We believe that building a better future is a responsibility we all share and that is why we are committed to accelerating exploration of critical resources needed for the energy transition, through this program.”

Learn more: bhp.com/xplor and stay tuned for more in the coming months.