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BHP Xplor is a global accelerator program targeting innovative, early-stage mineral exploration companies to find the critical resources necessary to drive the energy transition.​
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Exploration for critical resources is moving slowly, but to meet the needs of the energy transition we must move at pace. We will be working together with the 2024 cohort to accelerate exploration in new geographies and advance new geologic concepts.
Sonia Scarselli

VP BHP Exploration and Xplor


BHP Xplor


Program Benefits


How does the program work?

The program is designed to help participants further build out their exploration concept and become ‘investment ready’, leveling up their operations, business and technical skillset through the three program tracks.

Program Tracks

Technical Readiness

Geologic concepts and tools to characterise technical opportunities.

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Business Readiness

Key considerations for running a business in the areas of: strategy, finance, legal, compliance, people and culture.

Operations Readiness

Key field operations and above ground considerations for safely planning and executing an exploration program.

BHP Xplor Timeline


2024 - January: Bootcamp 2024 - March: Toolkit Camp 2024 - March - June: Site Visits 2024 - March - June: Normal Programming 2024 - June: Showcase 2024 - August: Applications and Interviews
  • 2024 January: Bootcamp
  • 2024 March: Toolkit Camp
  • 2024 March - June: Site Visits
  • 2024 March - June: Normal Programming
  • 2024 June: Showcase
  • 2024 August: Applications and Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions


BHP Xplor is a global minerals exploration accelerator program targeting early-stage companies with big ideas and geologic concepts.

  • Why did BHP start BHP Xplor?

    Growth through partnership. BHP Xplor is dedicated to leading a new partnership model with the early-stage exploration ecosystem for growth.  Via BHP Xplor, we provide funding, network connections and technical and operating capabilities to help our cohort companies develop their exploration concepts.  This result is a broader and more diversified generative funnel for our company and our partners.

  • Who makes up the cohort?
    Learn more about the 2024 BHP Xplor cohort here.

Global search

We are conducting a global search to find the next big exploration opportunity.

  • What are the target geographies?
    We accept applications from across the globe. 
  • What type of candidate do we look for?
    We welcome (a) first time entrepreneurs, fresh from research and/or academia with a great exploration idea and data, and are ready to establish a company, (b) established teams and companies, with an early-stage and potentially breakthrough idea with data that has yet to be de-risked, and/or (c) mature teams and companies, with an exploration concept, data, and some preliminary de-risking activities.  Candidates may or may not have land access and may or may not have raised funding before.

A premier program

BHP Xplor will provide a premier program to help participants prepare for exploration operations and business success.

  • Why should candidates apply?
    • A US$500,000 equity-free grant to spend on your exploration work program.
    • Connect with BHP’s leading experts and form long-term relationships.
    • Gain access to BHP’s extensive network of vendors and service providers.
    • Dive into an exploration curriculum that’s tailored to you.
    • Join a global community of Xplorers.
  • Are you offering any financial support for the program?
    Yes, successful applicants will receive a grant, US$500K, for use on their exploration opportunity during the program.  At the end of the program, participants may have the opportunity to pitch for more substantial funding.