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In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.17A, the wording of three proposed resolutions that have been requisitioned under section 249N of the Corporations Act for consideration at the Annual General Meeting of BHP Group Limited, to be held virtually on 14 October 2020, is set out in Attachment A.

The proposed resolutions have been requisitioned by shareholders of BHP Group Limited representing approximately 0.01% of the shares on issue in BHP Group Limited (and approximately 0.006% of the shares on issue in the combined BHP Group).  

The BHP Group Limited Notice of Annual General Meeting will be published in September, and will include the requisitioned resolutions and the requisitioning shareholders’ statements of support as well as the Board’s response and voting recommendations. Consistent with the BHP Dual Listed Company framework, the proposed resolutions will also be included on the BHP Group Plc Annual General Meeting agenda.


Resolution 1

Special resolution to amend our company’s constitution 

To amend the constitution to insert a new clause 46: 

Member resolutions at general meeting

The shareholders in general meeting may by ordinary resolution express an opinion, ask for information, or make a request, about the way in which a power of the company partially or exclusively vested in the directors has been or should be exercised. However, such a resolution must relate to an issue of material relevance to the company or the company's business as identified by the company, and cannot either advocate action which would violate any law or relate to any personal claim or grievance. Such a resolution is advisory only and does not bind the directors or the company.  

Resolution 2

Ordinary resolution on cultural heritage protection

Recognising that legislative review processes are underway in relation to the extent of Indigenous cultural heritage protections in Australia, in order to manage immediate risks to cultural heritage and shareholder value, shareholders recommend that our company take the following interim steps, until such time that relevant laws are strengthened:

a. adopt a moratorium on undertaking activities which would disturb, destroy or desecrate cultural heritage sites in Australia, to be reviewed annually by the Board;
b. commit to non-enforcement of any relevant contractual or other provisions that limit the ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners to speak publicly about cultural heritage concerns on their land; and
c. disclose its expectations in relation to any lobbying on cultural heritage issues by any industry association of which it is a member.

Nothing in this resolution should be read as limiting the Board’s discretion to take decisions in the best interests of our company.

Resolution 3

Ordinary resolution on lobbying relating to COVID-19 recovery

Shareholders request that the Board undertake, as soon as practicable, a review of advocacy activities undertaken by our company’s Industry Associations relating to economic stimulus measures in response to COVID-19. 

Shareholders recommend that our company suspend, for a period deemed suitable by the Board, membership of Industry Associations where the review demonstrates, on balance, a record of advocacy inconsistent with the Paris Agreement’s goals.

Nothing in this resolution should be read as limiting the Board’s discretion to take decisions in the best interests of our company.

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