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We have a long-standing commitment to the communities, regions and countries that we operate in.

Our economic contribution in FY22

We contribute in many ways, but one of the most fundamental is the economic contribution we provide through jobs, payments to suppliers, taxes, royalties, dividends and social investment.

We remain one of Australia's largest taxpayers, with an effective tax rate of 33.9%.

We expect to fund around 10% of all company tax in Australia in FY223.
A$79.3 bnTotal economic contribution to Australia
A$18.5 bnTaxes and payments to Australian governments1
A$16.5 bnPayments to Australian suppliers2
A$4.6 bnPayments to employees in Australia2
A$39.6 bnPayments to shareholders and investors in Australia2
Dividend 2022

BHP's 2022 dividend contribution


How we contribute

1 Calculated based on A$ denominated payments.

2 FY2022 amounts for Australia are translated at the FY2022 average rate of AUD/USD 0.726.

3 Based on the actual corporate tax paid in FY2022 by BHP Group, and by comparison to budgeted 2021/2022 cash receipts per the 2022/2023 Commonwealth Budget.