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Refreshed approach to sustainability reporting

Sustainability is a core value at BHP and to reflect its importance, we have refreshed our sustainability reporting in FY2020. Our material sustainability disclosures, key information and performance data are in the sustainability section of the Annual Report Section 1.7 to more closely integrate sustainability disclosures with overall Company reporting. Our expanded sustainability content including case studies is available at along with a new Sustainability Performance databook and additional sustainability reporting navigators to make core information more accessible.


Chief Executive Officer's Review

Sustainability has long been hardwired into all the decisions we make, the actions our people take, and the processes adopted by our business across the globe.

For more than 130 years, BHP has been supplying the resources that underpin economic growth and improve standards of living globally. Along the way, we have continuously transformed ourselves to meet the changing world around us.

This applies not only to the businesses we are in and the markets we sell to, but also to our purpose, our values and the way we relate to others. Understanding the perspectives and expectations of our stakeholders and broader society gives rise to better decision-making and greater long-term value creation.

At BHP, we believe sustainability and long-term value are intertwined and, this year, we have integrated reporting on our sustainability commitments and our performance against them into our Annual Report, alongside our reporting on operational and financial performance. Recognising the increasingly fluid way in which stakeholders access information, we have also expanded sustainability content on our website.

We will continue to look for other ways in which we can improve transparency. It is through transparency that we can secure the understanding and trust that are essential to our ability to fulfil our purpose: “To bring people and resources together to build a better world.”

Mike Henry

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