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Here’s the latest information on the divestment process for BMC and NSWEC.

The Divestment Review process for BMC and NSWEC is on track and in line with the two-year timeframe originally set.


To learn more about the Divestment Review, read the top frequently asked questions below

  • What is the Divestment Review?
    We’re pursuing options to divest our interests in metallurgical coal at BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC) and thermal coal at New South Wales Energy Coal (NSWEC).
  • Why is it happening?
    BHP’s portfolio is shifting towards higher quality coking coals. Within our current portfolio, metallurgical and thermal coal assets will not attract the investment necessary to maximise their value.
  • How long will this take?
    The Divestment Review process is on track and in line with the two-year timeframe originally set. As we did with Cerrejón, we will announce the path forward for BHP’s interest in Poitrel (including Wards Well), South Walker Creek and Mt Arthur Coal once an outcome is known.
  • What does this mean for BHP's team?
    For now, it’s business as usual and nothing changes. Along with our joint venture partners, we will continue to safely operate our sites.

    Over many years, the value of BMC has been realised through the work of BHP’s skilled and dedicated people and the support of the communities in which we operate.
  • What is involved in the process?
    This is a complex financial and logistical process and discussions with interested parties are ongoing. Prior to an outcome being finalised, BHP’s terms and conditions need to be met.
  • Why can’t you just tell us what’s happening with BMC and NSWEC now?

    In short, the outcome is not yet known. We’re committed to finding the right balance between keeping our stakeholders updated and not getting ahead of ourselves.

    It’s also important to remember a lot of what’s happening behind the scenes involves commercially sensitive discussions between BHP and interested parties.

  • This all started in August 2020. What’s happened since then?
    Since the Divestment Review was first announced, we’ve comprehensively assessed market interest in BHP’s interest in Poitrel (including Wards Well), South Walker Creek, Mt Arthur Coal and Cerrejón. In addition to discussions with interested parties, a big part of the process involves setting each site up for success well into the future after they transition from BHP.

Questions and support

We recognise the impact of uncertainty. If you need assistance, speak to your line manager, the Employee Assistance Program or someone you’re comfortable with.

You can also email the Divestment Review mailbox and a dedicated team will answer your query or direct it to the right place.

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