pampa norte

Pampa Norte

Pampa Norte consists of two wholly owned assets in the North of Chile.

Pampa Norte at a glance

Pampa Norte is wholly owned by BHP as part of our Minerals Americas business. Our operations consist of two copper mines, Spence and Cerro Colorado. 

Both mines produce high-quality copper cathode using oxide and sulphide ore treatment through leaching, solvent extraction and electrowinning processes.
50 yearsThe Spence Growth Option project will expand the life of the mine by 50 years.
15-20gYour smartphone typically contains 15-20g of copper.

Our Pampa Norte operations are located in the North of Chile. Spence is located 162 kilometres north-east of Antofagasta while Cerro Colorado is located 120 kilometres east of Iquique.   

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Copper is used in everyday household products due to its electricity conducting, corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties.