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Supporting the Renova Foundation work to rebuild the local communities and restore the environment.

Responding to the tragedy following the failure of the Fundão tailings dam at Samarco on 5 November 2015 is a priority for BHP.

Fundação Renova (the Renova Foundation) was established to implement a set of remediation and compensation programs to address the impacts caused by Samarco’s Fundão Dam failure. Our team in Brazil are focused on doing everything they can to support the response efforts, repair and maintain existing dams, rebuild communities and restore the environment impacted by the dam failure.

BHP and Vale each holds a 50 per cent interest in Samarco.

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The company resumed operations differently, using new technologies.

A new filtration system allows for the dry stacking of 80% of the generated tailings and the rest is deposited in a confined pit. Visit the website to find out more about Samarco's restart.