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BHP has begun the process of seeking approval for the Mt Arthur Coal mine to continue operating beyond 30 June 2026, when the current open-cut approval expires. 

Mt Arthur Coal is an open-cut energy coal mine in the Hunter Valley, approximately five kilometres south of Muswellbrook in New South Wales. It has a workforce of around 2,000 people, who predominantly live in the region. 

For mining to continue beyond 2026, new approvals are required. In this case, State Significant Development (SSD) and Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act approvals are required, as well as a new mining lease. 

The multi-year approval process will involve comprehensive assessment and review, and broad engagement to enable the local community and other key stakeholders to provide input. 

As announced in August 2020, BHP is assessing options to divest its thermal coal assets, including Mt Arthur Coal, to focus its portfolio on higher quality metallurgical coal. This means Mt Arthur Coal’s ownership or operating control could change in the coming years.   

Further information is available on the Mt Arthur Coal continuation project page.

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