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Catherine Hoxha, a working mum of three young children, said her family was close to leaving Newman because it was becoming too hard to find permanent childcare.

However, thanks to flexible work arrangements she’s been able to keep her job and continue living in town.

Catherine’s family loves Newman, and choose to live in the Pilbara because they enjoy the lifestyle and the jobs they have.

“The problem is, a lot people like us have no family here, so there isn’t much support at home when it comes to looking after the kids,” Catherine said.

“BHP’s new Family Friendly Flex Centre has been a real life saver for us.”

The Family Friendly Flex Centre is a place for residential employees to work from, without having to drive to Whaleback or Eastern Ridge.

“I don’t need to wear PPE to work, I can take my children into the office with me or I can leave them at the Newman Neighbourhood Centre crèche next door while I have a meeting.

“And it’s not just for parents, anyone from BHP can use it to work flexibly – so I’m trying to spread the word and tell everyone about this great new facility.”

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