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Meggan Trevarthen has recently celebrated her one year anniversary with the BHP's Operations Services team, and couldn’t be happier with her career change.

As a Technical Maintenance Specialist, Meggan works closely with the Maintenance Supervisors, ensuring parts availability for all planned and urgent jobs, as well as overseeing the work management system. This ensures the Supervisors are out of the office as much as possible and on the floor with their crew.

While she didn't start her career in mining, she certainly can't imagine working anywhere else.

"My dad was in the oil and gas industry his entire career and I remember he'd always talk so passionately about his job," Meggan said.

"I always wanted that for myself, but didn't know how I could get my foot in the door in the resources sector."

Born and raised in Brisbane, Meggan said it was the 'done' thing to go to university, get a degree and then work in the corporate world. After finishing high school, she obtained a Bachelors in Business Management and soon started work for a large recruiting firm.

"While I enjoyed recruitment and getting to meet new people, I found it was always quite transactional. Once you connected someone to a role that was it and you were onto the next. I'd always wanted to get into the mining industry and have a more hands on role, but as I hadn't completed a trade or grown up in a mining community, I thought it would never happen for me."

After coming across the Operations Services job ads, and at the encouragement of her Manager, she thought she'd take a chance and apply.

"I was certainly very passionate about a career in mining, but I never thought someone would take me on," Meggan said.

Now one year in, Meggan has aspirations to become a Pit Stop Supervisor, and is working with her Manager to achieve the required experience and qualifications.

"I love the saying 'find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life' - it describes exactly how I feel about my job with OS."

"I've never worked in an industry, or in team for that fact, where everyone is so happy to help you learn. It's like having a 40-person family, where your crew genuinely wants to see you succeed."

"I'm now the one proudly talking about what I do for work, just like my dad."

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