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When the call came through to BHP explaining that the Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue needed a new light vehicle (to tow small rescue vessels between the Marine Rescue base and the boat ramp) - BHP Port Operations was happy to help.

At the time the donation request was received, BHP was in the process of changing out a number of older vehicles. The business was happy to donate a light vehicle, which was surplus to operational needs. 

The Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue use light vehicles to tow their 6 metre and 4 metre rescue vessels to the boat ramps in preparation of sea rescue call-outs, training, and patrols.

Nilson Davila, GM Port Operations, was delighted that Port Operations was able to assist.

“We have a great relationship with the Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue service and in recent times we have been able to provide funds for upgrades to the ‘Iron Pride’ Rescue Vessel Refit for solar and lithium battery equipment, as well as providing support for the overhaul for the Iron Pride’s trailer.

This is just another example of being able to work together to help provide a vital service to our local community,” said Nilson.

The Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue conducted 59 marine search and rescue events in 2018 - that’s a lifesaving community service.

For more information, click here (PDF 5.88MB)

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