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Many children spend hours playing with toy trains creating imaginary railways, but for Warren Wellbeloved that imaginary world has become a reality.

Warren was recently appointed the General Manager of Western Australian Iron Ore Rail Operations and is responsible for overseeing the safe delivery of iron ore from BHP’s mine operations to Port Hedland.

At the core of BHP’s rail network is its people. It’s the people that drive Warren to ensure he creates an environment where everyone feels empowered to speak up, think big and go home safe every day.

“I am absolutely passionate about seeing individuals and teams succeed,” said Warren.

“Empowered people are our greatest asset and I feel honoured to work with so many capable and motivated people.”

Warren has lived in Port Hedland for nine years and enjoys the strong sense of community spirt.

“It’s the community that makes Port Hedland a great place to live.

“I’m proud to work for BHP and see firsthand the meaningful and long-lasting value we are able to create in partnership with the community.

“I’m especially passionate about education and ensuring we work in partnership with local schools to create pathways to employment for future generations.”

For more information, click here (PDF 5.88MB)

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