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This month, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance's (BMA) Daunia Mine Blast & Pump Crew celebrated 2000 days Recordable Injury (RI) Free.

Since commencing at Daunia Mine in April 2013, the crew has safely blasted in excess of 250MBCMs, loaded more than 140,000 tonnes of explosives, had 300+ shots fired, and welded and installed many kilometres of pipe throughout the pit.

Wayne Gordon, Mine Services Superintendent, congratulated the team on working for more than five years RI free, calling out the amount of hard work and strong focus on safety demonstrated by the team.  

"This achievement highlights how a multi-skilled department can work through tough conditions yet still successfully foster a 'Teamwork' and 'Look after your mate' culture.”

"The crew does their job while safely and productively achieving results," Wayne said.

"I'd really like to say well done to all involved including Supervisors Glenn Morgan and John Gray, our contract partners Dyno Nobel, Ausroads, AXXIS and our labour hire support teams for helping us achieve this significant milestone.”

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