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"The relationship with nature is a binding element in all cultures of Indigenous peoples.

We thank the water, earth, sun, rain, hills; we especially appreciate everything that is given to us from this land where everything is so fragile and scarce." - Oriana Mora, Lickanantay Indigenous leader

As part of the 2018 Pensamiento Propio (Own Thought) cycle of talks and Indigenous Peoples plan, an encounter between the Lickanantay (Atacama) and Mapuche cultures was held in June in San Pedro de Atacama through the words of Oriana Mora and Jaime Huenún, respectively.

The Indigenous leader and the Mapuche poet talked about the fragility of the world vision, language, ceremonies, territory and heritage of these ancestral cultures of northern and southern Chile, and also about the path these communities are taking to collectively ensure the revival and continuity of their culture and traditions.

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