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Thursday 21 June is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada - a day to celebrate and recognize the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

Canadian Lakelyn Wylie caught up with us, in the spirt of the celebrations, to tell us about the work the team in Canada are doing.

“As a Métis woman, the inclusion and diversity policies of this company are something I am proud of and stand behind,” said Lakelyn.

“Seeing first-hand the positive change our team made in Saskatchewan with local Indigenous groups through the formation of Opportunities Agreements for our Jansen Potash Project was something really special.”

It’s through the formation of the Agreement, for example, that we’ve been creating mutually beneficial opportunities in employment, business and community development through our Jansen Potash Project in Canada. Our commitments cover capacity-building initiatives in education, training, labour force development and First Nations business capacity.

And while we celebrate this National Day in Canada, there’s opportunity to engage with and learn from other Indigenous people in Australia, South America, the United States and across Canada said Ken Smith, who manages Corporate Affairs for the Americas.

“The similarities although surprising provide learnings which have been profound,” said Ken.

“What we do as a company makes a difference while acknowledging the history and customs of the areas where we work.”

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