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Inclusion and diversity is fundamental for Minera Escondida. Within this framework, the Escondida Trainee Program aims to provide women the opportunity to work in the mining industry and the area of Electrowinning is doing its part.

"We feel quite enriched with the presence of female workers here. We believe the culture has changed. There is more of a culture of respect in our day-to-day workers' relationships," said Eduardo Romo, production supervisor.

The area of Electrowinning has 111 operators, 19 of whom are women. And of those 19, 95% come from the trainee program, where they have the opportunity to develop professionally and integrate into this industry.

"[The program] was very important, because it gave us the opportunity to develop in mining, to know this world. And on the professional side, expand our knowledge and practice," noted Jessica Douglas, trainee operator.

Her fellow trainee, Soledad Olivares, agrees. "I dreamt of this opportunity, but it never worked out. So when Human Resources called me and said I had been selected, I threw a party!" expressed Soledad.

The trainee program has the advantage of developing and implementing the skills of the operators. Through the tutelage available in this initiative, operators are starting their mining industry careers with a high operational capacity.

"I'm happy to be here," summed up Soledad.

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